Who we are?

About Us


A confluence of Class, Quality & Luxury

Emthera Tiles is the promoting company for four of its own factories manufacturing different sizes of Ceramic Wall, Ceramic floor and Porcelain Tiles in the city of Morbi. Emthera Tiles was established in 2021.

That which is unique is always rare and special, so is with the finesse of Emthera tiles. Emthera is synonymous with excellent quality tiles that define the beauty of a well tiled space. One of the largest manufacturer and exporter of ceramic tiles, wall tiles and floor tiles, double charge vitrified tiles, polished glazed vitrified tiles, glazed vitrified tiles and digital tiles, Emthera is famous for adding that sense of grandeur and splendor through sheer product quality.

With the advancement of technology, Ceramic industry has today become one of the most promising entities and the Emthera Group is leading the march here with its future savvy tiles. Being a step ahead has always been our maxim and it continues to fuel us with the motivation to produce future surfaces.

Emthera Tiles

Why Choose Emthera?

Rich & Diverse Collection

The continuous advancement of the technology, improvement in quality, and commitment towards the customers has made us a trusted and relevant ceramic company in the industry. Our vast & diverse collection of wall tiles & vitrified tiles with exquisite designs and unmatched strength are all you need to turn your home into a sparkling paradise.

Strong Infrastructure

We thoroughly understand & adapt ourselves to the evolving needs of the customer and dynamic trends in the market to provide the best. Besides, our state-of-the-art infrastructure, a team of industry experts, and desire to produce futuristic ceramic products is unparalleled in the entire ceramic industry and is the backbone of our success.

Easy Compatibility

Our magnificent and breath-taking Porcelain (GVT/PGVT Slab) Tiles are compatible with all kinds of surfaces and environments. You can use it for your home, office, balcony, garden, terrace, and even for outdoor spaces. With less than a 2% absorption rate, our floor tiles offer high durability and are the perfect choice to renovate your home.

International Presence

Along with India, Emthera has established its substantial presence in the international market too. We have been exporting our best quality ceramic products to many Asian and African countries for years now. At the same time, we are committed to global expansion, and to achieve this, we are continuously working on expanding our presence in as many countries as possible.


Emthera Vision and Mission

We proudly create and deliver tiling solutions with a wide variety of products of the highest quality and elegant designs. We aim to be the most successful and respected ceramic company in the world.

We believe the best path to success is through hard work and uniqueness of products. Our mission is to become a well-known name in the global ceramic industry because of the brilliance of our products.

Make In India

Emthera Tiles has made a permanent mark for Manufacturing and exporting from India. Emthera Tiles is a leading Manufacturer & Exporter of premium quality Tiles in India. Emthera Tiles created fresh products to suit tastes and developed a unique process.